I've downloaded the plugin, but it's asking me to download it again. Why?

There's a good chance the plugin didn't install correctly, or you might be using a browser that we don't support. We recommend Google Chrome. If you're still having trouble, make sure your security software isn't blocking you from installing browser plugins.

Remember, you need to enable the plugin after you download it. Here's how:

1) Click the alert icon that appears in the right of the address.
2) Select Always allow pop-ups from....
3) Click Done.

Don't see an alert icon? Follow these steps:
1) Copy our web address.
2) Click the Chrome menu (the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of the browser), then click Settings.
3) Click Show Advanced Settings at the bottom of the list.
4) Select Privacy and then click Content Settings.
5) Scroll down to the Pop-ups section and click Manage Exceptions.
6) Paste our web address into the Hostname Pattern box.
7) Click Done.