BLACKJACK PRO - Monte Carlo - Multihand

BLACKJACK PRO - Monte Carlo - Multihand is a European style Blackjack game. The game allows the player to play 3 hands represented by 3 betting areas on the table. Features a customisable color scheme and player settings.

Main Controls

Selecting Chips

  • Select a chip by clicking on it
  • Use the scroll arrows to view all chips available

Placing Bets

  • Select an area on the table labeled “BET HERE” by clicking on it. This will place your chosen chip
  • Re-Click the same area again to increase the bet
  • Click "DEAL" to play

Removing Bets

  • Clicking the "CLEAR" button will clear all bets from the table


  • Clicking the "STAND" button will let the player choose to not receive more cards or bet further


  • Clicking the "Double" button will double your current bet on the current hand and be dealt one more card only


  • Clicking the "Rebet" button will place the same chip values on the same bets as the previous game


  • Clicking the "Split" will separate cards of the same value into two separate hands and add an additional bet onto the new split hand of the same value as the original hand.


  • Feel free to change table color schemes to suit your personal style and tastes

Game Rules                                                                         

  • Accesses the "Game rules" information



In Blackjack PRO MONTE CARLO, your goal is to beat the Dealer's hand, without exceeding 21.If your first 2 cards total 21 it is a Blackjack (any 10 value card + Ace).


2 initial cards are dealt to each active hand. The Dealer receives one face-up card.
   All face cards are worth 10
   Aces are worth 1 or 11
   All other cards are worth their face value
The Dealer’s hand is completed after all player hands are finalized.
The Dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17.
Dealer's Blackjack takes all bets other than a player's Blackjack, which is a “push”.


If the total value of your cards is closer to 21 than the dealer’s, you win your bet amount.
If you and the dealer have the same card total your bet is returned to you in a “push”.
If the total of your cards is more than 21, you “bust” and automatically lose your bet.
           Blackjack pays 3 to 2
           Winning hand pays 1 to 1
           Insurance pays 2 to 1


If the first 2 cards dealt are of the same value they may be split.
A split places a bet equal to the original bet on each hand.
Split hands are played separately, with each hand resolved in turn after one card is delivered to each hand.
Hands may only be split once.
If you split Aces, only one card is dealt to each Ace.
If a 10-value card is dealt to either Ace, the hand becomes a 21, not Blackjack.
You may Double Down if the first 2 cards dealt are 9, 10 or 11.
Double Down is made at the start of betting for that hand.
Split hands where the first 2 cards dealt are 9, 10 or 11 may also be doubled.
Double Down places a bet equal to the original bet on that hand.
Only one additional card is dealt to a Double Down hand.
Split hands may also be doubled.
Insurance is offered when the Dealer's face-up card is an Ace.
If you accept the Insurance offer, another bet equal to half your main bet is placed before the Dealer's hand is checked for Blackjack.
If the dealer achieves a Blackjack, your Insurance bet wins.
If the dealer does not achieve a Blackjack, all Insurance bets lose.


The game uses 6 decks.
Decks are reshuffled at the start of each round.
Malfunction voids all pays and plays.