How do I set Time Limits?

Go to: My Account > Responsible Gaming > Limits


Enter your desired time limit by minutes under Daily/Weekly/Monthly Limit.

Click Update Limits

Your new time limits will be set right away. Please note that the clock for each session starts the second you sign in to your account and stops the second you sign out. If you’ve already set a limit and your new limit is less than the previously set one, the decreased limit will take effect right away. If your new limit is greater than your previously set limit, your new limit will take effect according to the following schedule:

  • For daily limit increases: After 1:00 AM following your limit increase request
  • For weekly limit increases: After 1:00 AM on the Monday following your request with the new limit taking effect at that time
  • For monthly limit increases: After 1:00 AM on the first day of the following month

If you have additional questions about setting time limits, please reach out to one of our Player Support Representatives at 1-844-990-4263.